Support Services

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Portrait of Kirk Wilkerson
Director Kirk Wilkerson

Mission Statement

The mission of the Support Services Division is to provide quality service in an efficient, effective and courteous manner to all members of our department, the public, other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.


The Support Services Division consists of three bureaus: Information Systems, Property/Evidence, and Records and Information Services.

Information Systems maintains a closed, wide area data network with more than 4,000 users only accessible by law-enforcement. OCSD has direct connections to more than 50 Orange County Law Enforcement Agencies for information sharing.

Property and Evidence is responsible for the security and proper handling of more than 160,000 items. Many items such as weapons, narcotics and currency require special treatment and disposal.

Records and Information Services maintains departmental records such as crime reports, warrants and statistics. The mandated Uniform Crime Reporting is also performed in this bureau.