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Fourth of July Firework Safety

Independence Day and its festivities are right around the corner! While fireworks are a customary part of the celebration, a lack of safety when using them could lead to serious injury. In 2018 between June 22 and July 22, there were 5,600 fireworks-related injuries that resulted in emergency room visits:
• 500 were due to sparklers
• 200 were due to bottle rockets
• 1,000 were due to firecrackers (at least 13 percent of the firecrackers used were illegal)
• Hands and fingers were the most common injuries
Because 36 percent of these injuries were suffered by children under the age of 15, it is vital to use extreme caution when fireworks are in use. Many times these packages look like toys so it is important to keep these out of children’s reach.

To reduce the possibility of injury make sure:
• The fireworks purchased follow your city’s regulations
• There is a water bucket or garden hose nearby while using fireworks
• Water is poured over the fireworks after they go out
• Keep fireworks away from children

Several Orange County cities will be offering on July 4th as well as firework displays at night. Be sure to check your city’s schedule for more information about these parades and for information about what types of fireworks are legal in your city.