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Let’s Talk Vaping

Let’s talk vaping. Smokeless doesn’t mean harmless. E-cig usage by high school students rose 78% between 2017 and 2018. That’s close to double the kids exposed to nicotine in a single year. The flavors make it easy to hit. The devices make it easy to hide. The nicotine makes it hard to quit. From 2018-2019, in our service area alone, our deputies confiscated approximately 100 vapes per school.

Take the time to talk to your kids about the dangers of vaping:

Listen – Good talks start with listening.

Many Talks vs One Big One - Have an ongoing dialog rather than a single talk. The temptation to vape is not a one-time occurrence, so the conversation shouldn’t be either.

Talk Science - Kids should know that nicotine alters their brains in the area responsible for attention and learning, making it harder for them to carry out tasks and stay focused on their work.

Be Supportive - Quitting is hard. Stay positive with your teens. Reward the incremental progress and accept the setbacks as part of the process.

Help is available by phone at 1-844-8-NO-VAPE.