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Crisis dogs provide comfort for Saugus High School families

$0Sometimes in crisis it’s not encouraging words, prolonged hugs or a sympathetic shoulder squeeze that provides the most comfort. $0$0For some, it’s the nuzzle of a wet nose, a furry head resting on a lap or the quiet presence of a four-legged friend that just sits and stays for as long as needed. $0$0The Orange County Sheriff’s Department Crisis Response Dog and Peer Support Team member, Henry, provided such comfort to nearly 400 students, teachers, staff and families impacted by the Nov. 14 shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita. $0$0Henry, along with his human partner Steve Booth, joined crisis response dogs from the Fullerton, Hawthorne and Corona police departments to provide compassion and comfort at a vigil Nov. 17 to remember the two students killed in the shooting and the hundreds of others affected by the tragedy. $0$0$0$0