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OCSD engineer internationally recognized for communications contributions

An Orange County Sheriff’s Department engineer received international recognition for his work leading the team responsible for ensuring Orange County’s emergency services responders can effectively communicate.

 Nick Condaras, Senior Telecommunications Engineer assigned to the Technical Services Unit of the Technology Division, was named Radio Frequency Engineer of the Year by the International Association of Public Safety Communications Officials. He is the first in Sheriff’s Department history to be awarded this prestigious honor, but it is not a recognition he accepts alone.

 “I am extremely honored and humbled, but this award should be going to my team,” Condaras said. “They put in the hard work and long hours that make this award possible.”

Known for his collaborative approach to the job, expertise in the field and humility in the performance of his duties, Technology Division Director Dave Fontneau said Condaras stands out in the profession.

 “Nick leads from the front and he is an advocate for his team,” Fontneau said. “He trusts in his people and relies on the leadership within his team to support his vision. Nick is a wealth of knowledge of radio communications, holds the utmost passion for it, and loves to share it and evoke it in others.”

Condaras grew up tinkering with electronics and a fascination for emerging technology, so a career in engineering proved a natural choice. 

 “I’m drawn to innovation and learning new technology,” he said. “I am very blessed to serve in this profession.”

Condaras joined the Sheriff’s Department 26 years ago, working his way up the ranks of the Technology team. He currently oversees a team of 29 people and is involved in all aspects of the communications operation including budgeting, training, recruiting, testing new technology and managing contracts, among other duties.

The details of the contributions he makes to the department are complex and nuanced, but in the simplest of terms:  Condaras’ team is the county’s communications lifeline for all emergency personnel – law enforcement, firefighters, lifeguards and medical professionals.

His team is responsible for more than 18,000 radios in service, all dispatch center equipment, installation, maintenance and radio repairs for the entire county. In addition, the team is responsible for managing the Patrol Video System (PVS) in all law enforcement patrol vehicles, capturing critical moments in a peace officer’s shift that may need to be reviewed later.

Their work helps all first responders effectively and efficiently respond to any emergency, communicate during incidents and quickly send help to those who need it most.

Emergency services do not work without them.

Congratulations to Nick Condaras and his team!